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 Word Father - Spike(_-_EVIL-LOCO_-_)

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PostSubject: Word Father - Spike(_-_EVIL-LOCO_-_)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:18 pm

I just don't program...I rap also.

One day I was heading home from school
Putting my bags down and let myself to cool
Turn on the TV and watchin cartoons as many people are watching the news
My favorite show I'm watchin is called the Loony Tunes
The day is rushing, sun is bending
Beams of light is beginning to fading
Saw my father sleeping look like he is suffering
And start gazing at the window thinking
That he had a feeling something is going to be playing

Meanwhile my father calls my name
He sounds so ill, I don't what he is trying to say
He ask for ice water to cooled himself away
Something going fray against his pain
So I hope he is feeling ok

Later that time, I was heading up my room
watching TV again with funny cartoons
Feeling tension and worry what's going to happen
I saw buzz light-year losing his commander

Sadness came in towards this show
Losing hope is the negative row
Breaking apart towards his heart
Leaving the positives in his art

Anger grew inside of him
Ripping apart inside of his skin
A comrade he lost and fails
Bleeding inside of himself
Words are loosely straight to his voice
Wishing that his friend make the right choice
But story has to be continue towards the end
Sooner or later the story will comprehend

2 hours later the phone starting rang
I guy unavailable is his name
Asking me he wanted to talk to my father
And I was saying sure ok.

As I walk towards his room
I say "papa this guy wants to talk you"
When I saw my father he looked so stiff
Like a lightning bolt just punctuated inside his skin
He look so paralyzed to my eyes
Its like blood that never moves or even rise
So I shoving and pushing as hard as I can
Trying wake up my father as best as I can

I was crying and start screaming
Forcefully using words that has meanings
His eyes are open not even blinking
His heart doesn't even start beating
I was moaning and crying at the same time
With this bad scenario like a crime
Words came out as a rhyme
Beg my father to move up and don't die

So then I hang up the phone
Calling my mama with a phone number that I own
Pressing the keys with letters and numbers very quickly
I was like flash that pressing so feisty

Meanwhile my mother pick up the phone
Speaking so fast she doesn't even know
I said so swiftly to my mother I had to say
"My father had die mama" and I gone insane

My mother is starting to cry
She rush at home to see if he is alright
I was praying to God before she arrives
Asking the holy father to bring him or bring him back to life
Begging and showing mercy towards my holy father
Crying so hard, I can't understand the word I am saying
My lungs felt it is drying
Feeling the pain that builds me inside me
Anger came in and sadness came loose
I don't even know what to do in this news
Felt so numb I can't even move

Meanwhile later that night my mama came home
She rushes in my fathers bedroom
She drop at the floor and start shredding tears
start hugging my father and she doesn't look alright right here
Her face shows so much sadness bring up chaos towards this madness
So she reach up the phone called the 911
Combining the information in her mind
Visualizing what she say
Telling the operator he ain't ok.
Bring up things that I won't understand today

Later doctors are rushing
Blood is pumping
Words are forceful use tactics
Doctors telling doctors to do this or that like mathematics
We pray to father to rest in peace with holy father.
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Word Father - Spike(_-_EVIL-LOCO_-_)

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